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the Nike branding and marketing story about Phil Knight  from his book Shoe DogI've just finished reading Shoe Dog. The Nike story from 1962 - 2016 authored by its Founder Phil Knight.

Phil started with nothing and perservered through times when only his drive seemed to keep him going. 

And he was focussed - more interested in perfecting a shoe that helped sports people excel than being a famous business identity.

While most of us don't run a business with the scope of Nike, and are not dealing with sporting celebrity endorsements on a daily basis, there were two things in the book that stood out for me.

No 1 Be proud of your product or service

An excerpt from the book resonated with me. 

Phil Knight Nike on branding and marketing your business book Shoe Dog

No 2 Find your point of difference

A new ad agency helped him brand his business around the vision and end result for his customers, not the product. They didn't focus on the running shoes, they focussed on the spirit of fitness, aspirations and competition.

Your brand is your comittment to your customer, the words and deeds you build your business upon. What marketers create -v- reality is not always a match.

This one has stood the test of time.

Your brand statement is your cornerstone. If you market your business totally or somewhat different from your competitors, your clients will take notice. This is the added value a client can anticipate when dealing with you.

It is a tangible asset if you plan to sell your business, so find your point of difference and concentrate your marketing around that - an inexpensive option that is often overlooked.

Then and now

From a "back of a car boot" business founded by running geeks, Phil Knight was smart to surround himself with good people who could negotiate with the sports celebrities and visionaries who could design shoes that were game changers. Although as a trained accountant his nerves must have jangled the "demand-v-cash flow" slipery slide. And those who have read the book will have picked up on his personal observation of entrepreneurs and America today. (page 382 for the skimmers).

Does small business mean a small marketing budget?

Sherryn McBride

Sherryn McBride

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In the digital marketing space today, small business does not equate to small results! With a few smart ideas you could have new customers finding you in no time! Or ... existing customers coming back to use more of your products and services with these tips.

Get visual

Marketing Talk small business newsletter with marketing tips Perth WA

Wordy newsletters take too long to read.

Brand them up with relatable images of yourself, your team, your services, your products and your results.

Collapse the rest into one or two sentences and hyperlink "click here for details" or "read more".

Subscribers can glance through all the topics in your newsletter, and just click on what interests them - rather than giving up after wading through 200+ words in yur first topic.

Here's an example above. Large image, one sentence, read more.

Google My Business

Every business needs a Google My Business account. The good news it is free to create, you just need a gmail account. Populate it with plenty of photos of your business - menus, shop fronts, equipment, vans, offices, signage, products, services etc. Then populate all the cells you can with opening hours, website, social media links etc as they are all clickable links. Create one for each location you have and re-visit it regularly to update your images. It is the best geographical location possible for the search engines and website visitors to find you. Plus you can track all your data through the analytics provided within your Google My Business account. Here is the link to open a Google My Business account.


When you have opened your Google My Business account and populated all the areas you can with images and workplace details, then ask your clients/customers to write you a Google review online. They also need to have a Gmail address to do so. Once your Google My Business space is published, there is a tab called "Write A Review" so encourage genuine reviews from your customers and clients to promote your good work.

Email signature

how to update your email signature to improve your marketing, Marketing Talk Perth WA

Add live links to your website and social media accounts so people receiving your emails can source more information about you.

Check the link to your Google Review space and add that link in as well to encourage people to leave your reviews. Here's an earlier LinkedIn article When did you last update your email signature?


If you have the capacity for a blog on your website then writing a few lines or many paragraphs once a week keeps your website up-to-date and promotes you as an expert in yur field. Mix up short copy and long copy and the terminology within your blog is picked up by the search engines when a website visitor searches for similar wording.

Facebook Advertising

Reach of your posts is limited, gone are the days when you could see every post from every business or person who had liked. Facebook advertising is very targeted, you can choose a suburb or an age group or people with a particular interest and you could spend as little as say $5 a get results. It is not a runaway train, you can't overspend the daily limit you set and the end date you set.

Marketing is affordable, effective and easy in this digital world!

About Sherryn

Listed among 20 Australian entrepreneurial women in AIM's Management Today Magazine 2011, Sherryn is a marketing consultant, industry speaker, workshop trainer and author on a mission to get Perth businesses more noticed, remembered and referred.

Marketing Talk small business marketing Perth WA. Every day you delay your marketing is a gift to your competition.

Her knowledge is drawn from 25 yrs managing state branches for national corporations and consultancies before hanging out her shingle Marketing Talk to work with SMEs in 2007. Grab the free resources on her website or register for the free monthly newsletter with marketing tips, invitations to future DIY workshops, coffee conversations, LinkedIn training and Facebook training.

There are 2 marketing tools that also double as assets you can sell with your business.  If you are planning an exit strategy, your brand and the quality of your database are two very tangible assets.  Brand yourself by maximising your point of difference and keep in touch with your community to ensure your database is current.  Keep these business assets strong!  Make them work for you.

Pareto Principle for marketing a small business Perth WAHave you, should you or do you apply the 80-20 rule to your business?  That is the law of the vital few: 80% of your sales probably come from 20% of your clients. 

 With that in mind here are 4 questions to ask yourself?  Would it be more profitable if you concentrated on just your prime target market? Should you apply the 80-20 rule overall? Should you apply the 80-20 rule to each market segment? Who are your top 20%?

 If this is something you haven't done for a while, grab a coffee, pull up your database or your sales statistics and run through the questions above. 

Do you have an email signature that promotes your business? In Outlook settings you can brand one up smartly with your logo and tagline, then type in your web address and Facebook Wall etc as a hyperlink.  The beauty of the hyperlink is people can click straight to your website to read more information or to your Facebook Wall to "like" you all with one click. 
The Harvard Business Review reports that a 5% increase in client retention can increase profits by nearly 100%.  

What are you doing to encourage client retention? 

Do you have a thank you referral program in place?

Next time you renew your web domain name, do so for the longest period possible.  

Google counts the length of your renewal as a vote toward your search engine ranking.  Pick up lots of quick tips, simple ideas and FREE tactics to rev up your marketing by the newsletter.

Is your website mobile responsive? From April 21 mobile-friendliness will be a Google ranking signal. That's not a miniature version of your website visible on a mobile, it is a site designed to be read in a cascading fashion as you swipe the page.

If you were to work your formula on a traditional working year, then to achieve 12 month goals, set your priorities on having 7 months to achieve them.  Consider that there are 110 weekend days, 10 public holidays, 10 sick leave days and 20 annual holiday days - that eliminates 150 days from your annual calendar and leaves you 215 days or 7 months to action your goals.  

This formula also helps you work out your hourly rate and the available days you have to work on your business.

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